The Noses


The Noses

Douglas Morel

Douglas Morel discovered the art of perfumery at a young age. Born in northern France, he smelled spices and aromas from the kitchen and quickly made the connection between culinary arrangements and fragrances. He had his first olfactory memory in the Damascus bazaar exhaling a scent of cinnamon, cumin, and freshly ground cardamom. A powerful sensation that has never left him; he has been trying to recreate this smell ever since. After his studies at ISIPCA he began his apprenticeship at Takasago where he worked with perfumer Francis Kurkdjian who taught him how to blend a perfectly balanced composition with the right raw materials.


Sofia Bardelli

Sofia Bardelli, a perfume enthusiast from a young age, trained in Grasse, the city of perfumes. After graduating in pharmacy, she became an analytical perfumer in France. Later, she returned to Italy as a creative perfumer, creating fragrances for international and Italian brands. Her creativity is fueled by a sensitivity to nature, travel, and people's stories. Perfume for Sofia is magic that conveys emotions and tells stories, taking the mind on faraway journeys with each spray.


Luca Maffei

Luca Maffei, a young up-and-comer in Italian perfumery, made his debut in 2007 as an assistant perfumer in the family business. Growing up among perfumes, he finds inspiration in the beauty that surrounds him. Fascinated by raw materials and their alchemy, he decided to delve into this unique world. After training with Françoise Marin, former director of the perfumery school in Grasse, he returned to Italy and signed his first creations in M&M Fragrances. In 2011, he founded Atelier Fragranze Milano Srl, where he serves as perfumer and CEO.


Arturetto Landi

Arturetto Landi is a Senior Perfumer at MANE with an illustrious career in many cities and countries. Initially a chemist, he fell in love with perfumery while working in England. He studied at Holzminden and has worked in New York, Paris, Tokyo, Vienna and Dubai.
Raised on the Italian Riviera and influenced by his chef father, Landi loves the sensual and complex. His scents are opulent, grandiose and like a symphony for the nose. His passion for Agarwood, discovered 25 years ago, has made him an expert in using rare materials. He prefers oud oils with warm, woody and leathery qualities. According to Landi, the qualities of a great perfumer are modesty, patience, imagination, passion and the ability to recognize good things.


Veronique Nyberg

Veronique Nyberg, the fragrance artist, perfectly combines scientific expertise and artistic inspiration. With a PhD with a degree in chemistry and a passion for the visual arts, sculpture and nature, her fragrances embody an exceptional fusion of emotion and science. His style strikes a harmonious balance between emotion and rationality, intuition and concreteness, chemistry and magic, instinct and knowledge. His distinctive olfactory signature stems from his ability to structure creative impulses, starting from a "blank canvas" and drawing on experiences, observations and emotions. Staying true to his passion for the arts, particularly sculpture and clay modeling, his scents evoke a sense of textural contrasts, color variations and purity of form.


Mathieu Nardin

Mathieu Nardin, a perfumer born and raised in Grasse, France, carries on a family tradition of perfumery. His training at ISIPCA honed his talent, while work experience at Robertet and Mane expanded his creativity and skills. Versatile and innovative, Nardin has collaborated with numerous international brands, creating distinctive fragrances that blend traditional techniques with contemporary approaches. His fragrances reflect his passion for natural materials and are often inspired by his travels, everyday experiences and surroundings. With a wide range of successful creations, Nardin continues to surprise and inspire in the world of perfumery, encouraging others to explore their sense of smell and connect it with their emotions and memories.